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Employés municipaux, anonymes (Corse), 2005.

Yannick Gueguen, Architecte paysagiste, Montréal (QC), 2006.

Le trajet pour aller au travail est un temps non comptabilisé. Pourtant, dans ce moment, mes tâches professionnelles accaparent déjà mon esprit.

Welcome To Canada! ESL: English as a Second Language,

Auriane Sokoloski, Toronto, (Canada).

«I have taken action with my immigrant students, most of whom are professionals who will probably have to start over almost from the beginning in Canada. My job is to teach them English skills. For one week, I deliberately choose to instruct them on how to write effective letters of complaint to companies or government bodies. Many of these people did not have this option back home; either it would be completely ineffective, or would make them a target to hostility. In Canada, people have the right and the empowerment to complain.»

FLYERS # 1, collectif AU TRAVAIL / AT WORK (Campagne publicitaire, 2005)

Sacred Things, Kai Lam (Singapore), 2004.

«Performance art is a re-enactment of everyday life for me.» Prior to this performance, Kai Lam worked as an artificial snow commercial window display designer at Christmas time. Performed at “Future of Imagination 2,” Sculpture Square, Singapore. Dec. 2004. Photo: Juliana Yasin and Marilyn Arsem.

Saint-Thomas L'imposteur. Projet d'infiltration en développement.

Jean Giscagne.

«I was taking a shipment of lint-free rags to the Honda plant in Marysville, OH. This was a late night shipment (departing Detroit around 2am). As I was making my way down a secondary highway somewhere in the guts of Ohio, a light rain falling and misting the windshield. I noticed a pack of deer galloping along the edge of the road, making their way through the flatland fields. I didn't think much of it, even when they veered to the left, deciding, unwisely, to cross the road directly in front of my truck. I veered sharply to the right to avoid their route, running off the raod and into the drainage ditch. Taking charge of the vehicle and wrestling it back to the left, the incline of the road overtook the vehicle. If anyone had been in the cab with me, they would have heard a resolute "Here we go!," as the truck toppled slowly on its right side and laid prone and worthless on the side of the road. As I unhooked myself from the harness of my seatlbelt and lowered my feet to stand on the passenger window, I looked out the front windshield. Another driver had pulled over to check out the scene. "Are you OK?," he asked. "Seem fine," I said, checking my sides and head. "This sure is weird," he exclaimed, illustrating the orientation of the windshield with his arms and hands. I've since learned that when a deer or other animal crosses your path on a highway, avoidance is not always your best option. This opinion can be best shown by the litter of carcasses that line many of America's interstates like some sort of testament to speed or Futurism.»

Détournement d'oeuvres d'art par un transporteur. ICI : Chuck Close.